Who is Jay Honest?

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, rapper, writer, director, engineer, and father, Jordan Poirier Whelan, also known as Jay Honest,

has dedicated his career to managing, and helping his own signed artists, and others, use their greatest talents to their full potential.

Jay Honest, with 7 years of experience in the music and influential industry

owns and manages a record label, HONESTGANG, along with rapidly climbing artists, Nicki, tha Great, Millinnial X, KVyybez, and Sheddy Empire, a group comprised of rising artists based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Honest has made, and shattered his music goals over the past few years,

with such achievements as, learning new languages to bridge gaps between cultures and bring our Canadian talent around the globe, hitting over a million streams on Spotify, becoming a verified Canadian artist, creating and releasing music with talent based on every end of the world, successfully opened an Instagram shop, with HONESTGANG merchandise, along with his own face filters, recently released his second YouTube exclusive music video, Holiday Season, and has fathered three children, Jayden, Dream, and Roman.

Jay Honest’s instagram, click to shop, for face filters, daily stories, ect.

Honest’s goal is to reach 2 million streams,

which doesn’t seem to be far by any means, and nail a major song with artists such as Tyga, Jack Harlow or Rich The Kid to name a few of his favourites. For 2021 Jay Honest is quoted simply stating,

“I want to crush new milestones like I have been everyday”

Goals can be simple,

as long as you strive to reach them, even the simplest ones like, “getting up and doing something that you love with somebody that you love because that’s what matters.”

Honest’s upcoming January releases, Official, No Handouts, and Fresh Out The Jungle will soon be available on Spotify.




Instagram: @iamalaskagrey email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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Alaska Grey

Alaska Grey

Instagram: @iamalaskagrey email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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