The ‘Official’ New Years Drop and a Look back on 2020 With Canadian Rapper and talent manager Jay Honest

New songs, new house, and a new mindset, what’s next for 2021

Artwork for ‘Official’ by Jay Honest to be released on January 1st 2021

Jay Honest surprised many this past year!

Looking back on 2020

*Jay Honest’s music genre remains unspecified on Google platforms, Latino Hiphop is currently the artist closest style match -source:

Official is one of four in Jay Honest’s January lineup

“Official is just the beginning” - Jay Honest speaks on his next release, ‘Official’

Just like ‘Holiday Season’

“It’s way more difficult and way more frustrating to have stems being passed back and fourth between a producer because he forgot to take out a breath that should’ve been out, or and ad-lib you meant to leave in there, but on the final they took it off, and you don’t want to send it back once again, and miss your release date, the best advice I can give is, go to college, buy your own studio and learn how to do it yourself.”

Jay Honest was enrolled Musitechnic Centre de formation pour les techniques de production audio et musicales, Training centre for techniques in audio and music production in Montreal, Quebec in 2018.

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email:

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