Sheddy Empire, a Kenyan Group on the Rise!

3 min readMar 21, 2021


Sheddy Empire, a group of young individuals from Nairobi, Kenya, comprised of 3 main Artists including Eazzyy Dee, Cashney & Starbon.

Eazzy Dee from Sheddy Empire(@Eazzy_Dee On Instagram) (Source:

Having been discovered by Canadian entertainment label HONESTGANG (ran by fellow artist & manager Jay Honest), with their hit single ‘Shika Mandom’, was only the beginning to their success as they were soon on TV & performing for The Nai Fest Nov 7th 2020.

Since, Sheddy Empire has released a wave of catchy and entertaining music videos including ’NDOVU’ featuring controversial Kenyan star Shakilla produced by DJ Spence, ‘PEKEJENG’ & ‘Tissue’.

Their latest music video ‘KENDEMA’

featuring Nalz, B Dapa & Bramba, is just another amazing example that despite what the media wants to show us, Kenya has much more to offer than we are aware of. From the flows, to the high quality music video, to their outfits, bring such a high energy to this song!

Image Taken From The ‘KENDEMA’ Music Video Featuring Sheddy Empire , Nalz , B Dapa & Bramba

Eazzyy mentioned to us that he had a lot of fun during the shoot of this video and told us ‘’he had been asking us to make a song since 2017, having the chance to do it now, was just great, I hope people enjoy it as much as I did making it’’

Sheddy Empire’s first collaboration

outside of Kenya was with their manager Jay Honest on their biggest single on a payed platform, entitled ‘ZAMA’ which boasts just over 150,000 streams on Spotify alone, making ‘ZAMA’ their American debut, having been added to 3 Spotify Editorial Playlists in 24 hours.

Where can I discover Sheddy Empire?

Sheddy Empire’s youtube channel boasts many of their songs and music videos all in one convenient location.

You can also find Sheddy Empire & Jay Honest’s music on the HONESTGANG official playlist, Capital Heat (@CapitalHeatCanada On Instagram), which not only shares all the HONESTGANG artists content, but also shares some of Jay’s fav indie artists from around the globe!

HONESTGANG Official Playlist Capital Heat (@CapitalHeatCanada On Instagram)

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