Reggie Sandiford, Entrepreneur, Creative Savant & Image Architect

DOPEIKON, Born Reggie Sandiford in Panama City, raised in Brooklyn, New York, Entrepreneur & Instagram influencer @Dopeikon is a Creative Savant & Image architect with a Niche and good eye for detail. Reggie has evolved from the stages of modelling and image consulting to pursue his career in creating a company named IKONIKSTYLE, which focuses on marketing, branding and management in the fashion & entertainment industries for up and coming creators and influencers.

Reggie Sandiford Adopted A Method,

one he calls ‘’Colouring outside lines’’, defined as always going against the grain, using clean yet bold looks, pushing people beyond their comfort zones and playing with different colour pallets while still maintaining a high end appeal to everything he does. These are key elements to what makes him a unique individual & why we decided to speak on him today.

Being in the fashion industry as an image architect, while also being an entrepreneur and business owner of his own, Reggie Sandiford has a goal of giving us a fusion of old and new, to highlight one’s greatest attributes by making their brand speak for itself. With a desire of being his own boss, to live his own narrative all while making a name for himself as an entrepreneur and creative in the fashion industry. Quite a unique feature when looking at others in the space whom simply follow trends or other creators.

IKONIKSTYLE by DopeIkon (Reggie Sandiford)

His company Ikonikstyle stands by their motto, ‘’Be Ikonik in every style of life’’ which means that it matters not to what your beginning is, what truly matters is owning up to who you are while focusing on the journey ahead. Be sure to explore his brand at IKONIKSTYLE as well as Reggie Sandiford himself on his rising instagram account @DopeIkon boasting an impressive 132,000 followers after having his main account hacked at 250,000…YIKES. Congratulations to this young entrepreneur for all his success in bouncing back in such a rough but rewarding industry.




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