One on One With Bobby Blaque

A sit-down with independent artist, Bobby Blaque, inspiration, motivation, and next steps

4 min readDec 17, 2020


Adopted at the young age of three, Bobby Blaque had zero plans in music whatsoever,

Bobby was interested in becoming a stockbroker. Bobbys adoptive father pursued stocks and began guiding Bobby. As Bobby grew up, like most the realization that you could make money faster and easier slowly took over. Bobby hit the streets instead and found out without a degree or PhD, that he was aimlessly trying to figure out what he wanted in life, not knowing where it would really end, until a friend of his inspired Bobby to start creating music.

“I’ve got a lot to learn, and it will go up and down a few times before you find what works for you.”

Today Bobby doesn’t consider himself any genre, just the songs he makes, whatever genre he wants to do, whatever Bobby can connect his feelings and lyrics to, Bobby claims, “I don’t want to put myself in the genre box.”

“I wanna thank Luvenchy for getting me into this music life in the first place. Without her id probably never take the actual step into pursuing a career as an artist.”

When asked what his goals for the upcoming year are, Bobby said,

“My only goal is to beat my own numbers not only track-wise but as whole throughout the year. Im still new in this game so I’ve got a lot to learn. I did good this year but not as good as I wanted, so I’m going in twice as hard 2021. I learned a lot from past mistakes from the year before and feel more confident in my music and with the business around it all.”

Bobby, like many who have struggled, is satisfied with just being able to say he’s still here, a big accomplishment on its own, Bobby admits he’s evolved a lot as a human being and artist since he first began creating music, beyond grateful for the opportunities he’s been given, and the experiences he’s had.

“I always try to find a way around it, I never give up no matter what hardships gets thrown at me.”

When asked if he has a song he’d like to mention, Bobby claimed,

“Id like to highlight my latest release ‘Inside out’. The song it self reaches in depth of how my life’s been since day one on earth, how my life’s been inside out and upside down, how I’m trying to grasp the little things holding my feet to the ground so that i wont let go of it all, Its really my first song where I’m actually talking about these things, my first emotional one, but i wanted to hide it within the beat. By having an uptempo beat that slaps more, the listeners who care about listening to what I’m actually talking about will do that, while other people might just vibe with it because the flow is nice and the beat is nice. Without going in to deep, its really about how I’ve been struggling with just being alive and that no matter what I’m still here fighting til this day, and i want to encourage people like me to do the same because we don’t really know what tomorrow holds for us, so why end it now when it all can change tomorrow right?”

Bobbys inspiration behind ‘Inside Out’ was the feeling of holding these things inside for too long, it was time for Bobby to start his journey, time to start touching issues we all struggle with and hopefully a few people, or even one person tunes in and suddenly feels that there is a way.

-‘Inside Out’ is produced by Bobby’s close friend BillyBeast and mixed and mastered by friend and mentor TrapTeddy

Today, Bobby is working on an EP and 6 singles to be released in 2021. Bobby also plans to release a four part album reflecting his feelings based on the seasons in the year, and a reflection of how a year in his life feels, and sounds through music to give the listener a deeper sense of who Bobby is.

Be sure to check out Inside Out on Spotify by hitting the link below: -Inside Out by Bobby Blaque