Nicki tha Great Opens up About her Latest Single, ‘Late Night’, Featuring Manager/Rapper Jay Honest

“So where did it start?”

That was a question I almost felt I couldn’t ask, most people have a defining experience, a big turning point in life where they decide this is them, this is what they want, but I knew Nicki’s story would be different, her story began with creativity, I was never able to pinpoint a beginning, I guess, for some people, there really is none. Nicki gave me a new look on this imaginary clock we all seem to have in our minds, wether we realize it or not, that there needs to be a start, and inevitably, and end, but that’s not the case, some people, a very select few, are simply the art they make, they live and breathe creativity, and there is no timeline. Nicki tha Great has lived a life of passion, and will continue to do so on her terms, as the talent and art she continues to gift the world will prove time and time again to be timeless.

Born in PK New York

And New Jersey raised, up and coming artist, Nicki tha Great, opened up about family influence, support, and her new release, Late Night.

Growing up Around her Grandfather

Although he was very cautious with Nicki using or touching his instrument, would play his guitar, as a young Nicki would watch, quickly jump-starting the young artists love for music and creative arts. Nicki wouldn’t be the first member of her family to show an extensive passion for singing, as she shared the talent with her aunt and grandmother, who supported, and pushed Nicki to take lessons in guitar and piano.

Quite Obviously Becoming a Rapidly Growing Passion

Nicki’s family was surprised, but far from shocked that Nicki chose to not only create at the level she was, but to persue it as a career, and make the most of the opportunities she had, and began a new chapter in her life, that would change everything.

“I always had this feeling that I did have a greater purpose on this planet I’m not just here for no reason, why would I be given this talent by god to do nothing with it”

- Nicki tha Great

Nicki Tha Great’s Music has a Timeless, and Nostalgic Vibe

And introduces the listener to a new world of sound, that is nearly impossible to dictate its genre, as each release pulls you deeper and deeper into the artists unique realm of tones, and melodies that stick in your head for days.

Late Night was released on Valentine’s Day 2021

Featuring Canadian artist, and Talent manager, Jay Honest, quoting,

“I wanted to sign her since I first heard Casanova, she’s f*****g talented”

‘Talented’ being an understatement, as the young artist shocked the close friends that got to preview their song before its recent release.




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