Nicki Tha Great On her Latest Music Video for That Woah


Paris, France was Released March 12th 2021,

With the music video for That Woah directed by Nisa Feli @nisafeli following on March 19th 2021, but are only two of the recent projects Nicki Tha Great has put out this month.

“This song was written from the heart, It’s real, it’s my life, you can hear that and feel that when you actively listen.”

When Asked About how this Song Came to Life,

Nicki recalled being in her studio with red lights on while she was acquainting herself better with the beat, and the words “just came to her.”


“The Emotions just flowed out and when that happens I know I’ve made something special.”

Even With With all the Passion Nicki Tha Great had for This Project,

She still didn’t think a music video was a viable option right now, but when presented with an opportunity by Nicki’s close friend in film, Delta Hart, Nicki knew she could provide her with the perfect project.


Nicki’s Extremely Talented Co-Star for ‘That Woah’, Satin Martin (@satin.a.martin),

Quickly got to work to ensure the vision was perfect, but faced multiple roadblocks along the way.

“We had to down grade as far as crew due to COVID and sometimes shoots get cancelled because someone gets sick but being safe is always number one, plus the passion for the work is there and the love for the fans is there so we will always make it happen in the end.”

Paris, France was Engineered and Mixed by Nicki Herself,

A climbing trend in rising artists as they are able to completely and entirely customize their work until it’s no less than perfect. With Nicki’s unlimited freedom she was able to produce yet another timeless single on her platforms.


“This is just great music. A lot of artist make songs and drop them, but this is real music.”

Nicki Greatly Urges the Listeners to Actively pay Attention to her Lyrics,

And to keep an eye out for more amazing hits by the extraordinary New York artist.




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Alaska Grey

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