Meet Canadian Artist, Papi AQ

Born In Monterrey Mexico, And Now Residing In Toronto Canada, Papi AQ Is Quickly On The Rise To Being A Known Name In The Music Industry

Born In Monterrey, Mexico In 1994

Papi AQ took his first breath in the capital city of Nuevo León, the third largest state economy in all of Mexico, falling closely behind the Federal District and the state of México, (Estado de México).

Papi AQ Has Always Had A Growing Passion For Music And Being Part Of The Music Industry

Papi recalled that when he was in México, he had a piano with a karaoke setting, and he used to put on different songs and pretend he was a rock star.

As Papi AQ’s Career Was Just Beginning To Unfold

His family didn’t seem very open to it. Papi AQ, along with his family had recently immigrated to Canada and they wanted him to make the best of the opportunity he now had, Papi felt like he was meant to make the best out of his talent, something that once helped him, and his emotions, and has proven that he could be the opportunity people shouldn’t be taking for granted.

Papi AQ Is Continuously Releasing New Music

With his latest release, paired with a cinematic video, titled Guerrero, that released this past January 2021, Papi AQ’s music is enjoyed worldwide, and the constant motivation and influence he provides to his fans seems to never end.

Be Sure To Catch Papi AQ’s Latest Music Video ‘Guerrero’

starring Rodolfo Velasquez & Papi AQ, produced by IzzySounds now at over 40,000 on the SoundScan Studios Youtube channel.

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email:

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