Looking Back on ‘Section.80’

Album by Kendrick Lamar, 10 Years Later

Source: Instagram

‘Section.80’ has been Claimed as Kendrick’s Highlighting Album of his Career,

giving a huge opportunity to newer producers at the time, such as, THC, and Sounwave, provides the listener with a unique nostalgic feel, even if it’s your first time experiencing Kendrick Lamars music.

Source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/the-juice/467608/kendrick-lamar-talks-section80-new-album-and-upcoming-videos

A.D.H.D, one of the top singles on section.80,

Was named by Complex as ‘13th best song of 2011’

Source: Instagram

Today Section.80

Now sits at 73 million views on YouTube, but it only took 2,114 days to get the independent album certified Gold by the RIAA.

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