Jay Honest’s ‘Favourite Release of 2021’, ‘What it Do?’

After Overcoming Everything That Came At Jay Throughout his Life,

Honest doesn’t let anything phase him and wanted to show why he’s still here.

Due to a Province-Wide Lockdown in Ontario,

Jay Honest claimed he struggled with bringing his vision to life, as the large scale video production would require a team effort, that in the end wouldn’t adhere to social distancing, and public health regulations.

Totalling over 18,000 on Spotify, 20,000 on YouTube, and over 80,000 Views on the Lyric Video on the Artist’s IGTV,

Honest had this to say about his recent drop,

Not being cocky just being honest, everyone who raps like this, caps, all day, they lie about their cars and clothes and money, all my music is authentic, everything I say I do & have done, that’s what sets me apart from the rest, I can talk my s**t, and back it up with facts.”

‘Fresh out The Jungle’ With Millinial X, and ‘No Handouts’,

Are just two of the upcoming releases to be heard from Jay Honest’s platforms, familiarizing the listeners with Honest’s recent sound. Others include ‘Sushi Roll’ ft. Yung Jeb, ‘Late Night’ ft. Nicki Tha Great & as Honest opened up to Medium for the first time today, a big project in the works with Cenzy from the UK titled ‘I feel lost when i’m not with you (but I made this song for you)’, in which Jay says will be his deepest release to date!

“I realized that this is my sound, I found a lane I’m good at and want to push the envelope as I always do!”

The Upbeat and Catchy Beat Behind ‘What it Do?’,

Was created by TNIA, who was also responsible for another recently seen hit from Jay Honest, ‘Cash Rich’.

TNIA is a god!”




Instagram: @iamalaskagrey email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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Alaska Grey

Alaska Grey

Instagram: @iamalaskagrey email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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