Holiday Season, a Self-written, Mixed and Mastered Rap Spin Off of the Holiday Classic, ‘Jingle Bells’

It’s not everyday a rapper breaks the latest iPhone for a music video

Jay Honest, Ottawa rapper, songwriter, and manager to Ottawas #1 rising label, HONESTGANG,

Jay Honest Took The Travis Scott Limited Edition Fortnite Action Figure Out For The Video Too!

In the recent release, Jay Honest announced the start of his family channel production, The Honest Fam,

When asked what prompted him to write Holiday Season, Jay replied with,

“I got a comment on my instagram about the gifts under my tree being fake, ‘’empty boxes’’, so I thought, now’s the time to shut them up”

When Jay was asked ‘What does the Holiday Season music video mean to you?’ He stated,

“It’s my idea of ‘hey guys let’s have some fun’, and a ‘fuck you’ to my haters, because my fans see it and they're happy, and my haters see it and they're pissed off”

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email:

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