Get To Know Canadian Lyricist Buggie Bars

from his electrifying songs & insane wordplay to his intense music videos, this is not an artist to passover.

Buggie, Better Known As Buggie Bars

was born in Windsor, ON Canada, holding a degree from Yorkville University, Buggie grew up loving and constantly listening to music. Buggie Bars never started music as an outlet, for him, making music is his passion, and it’s Buggie’s greatest talent.

In Elementary

Buggie Bars participated in Hip-Hop dance classes and choir, years later in high school went on to compete against other local high schools on the basketball team, football team, and was a sprinter for the track and field team.

Growing Up

Buggie Bars enjoyed dancing, and singing along to music, he particularly enjoyed the works of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Musiq Soulchild, 50 Cent, and Nelly.

Buggie Never Decided When To Start His Path In The Music Industry

he claims he always thought he was going to be a child star from the start, a young Buggie Bars would be star-struck at the creative artist he is today. Buggie Bars now has 14 songs released over the course of 2 years, including 7 singles, 7 high quality music videos and Buggie recently dropped a 7-track album, with promises that he has a lot more to come.

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email:

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