HONESTGANG CEO Jay Honest Officially Steps Down As Manager

(Shot By Alaska Greyy)

Following His Recent Move To Windsor, Ontario,

Jordan Poirier Whelan, also known as Jay Honest, from the capital of Canada, Ottawa, former manager to Nicki Tha Great, Millinnial X, Kvyybez & Sheddy Empire amongst many others in the past, has decided to step down as manager for the Label he started in late 2018. Having helped every artist register their music, collect royalties under their names, own their masters, promote their songs & plan our releases, Jay has never asked for royalties or any percentage of his artists earnings. With this being said, we know that 1 person can only do so much, especially in a fast paced industry such as the music industry.

Ready For The Big Leagues

Recently being featured on BeforeTheyWereFamous’s segment ArtistsOnTheRise & receiving the green light from individuals such as the Polish God Tommy Craze & Stitches, Jay Honest is a name people will remember in the Canadian Music Industry. Jay tells us in his own words just how much he truly believes in each artist he promotes. “I don’t promote what I don’t enjoy, I would NEVER put my name behind something I do not believe in. Nicki Tha Great is an extremely talented singer, the best I’ve ever met, her versatility and dedication to this is unmatched. Millinnial X & Kvyybez from Oklahoma are 2 of the dopest rappers with the best chemistry, working hard to be discovered one day, not to mention Sheddy Empire from Nairobi, Kenya, is easily my favourite group in existence, fun, energetic, and amazing to watch regardless of if you understand Kiswahili or not. HONESTGANG will never die as we are family before being a talented group of individuals ready for anything the industry can throw at us”.

Time & The Pandemic

have taken a very big tole on Jay Honest’s ability to help his artists whom are all across the border he cant get past. Due to lockdown, Jays recourses have been extremely limited, finding sponsors, investors & even genuine promoters such as playlisters are almost impossible these days. Not being to book any shows for his artists brings in zero revenue for the artists, and with Jays playlisting company Capital Heat Canada being mainly used in Canada where it can see up to 10,000 listeners a month, is now barely used due to gyms and clubs being closed across Canada.

Wishing Everyone Good Luck Going Forward

is the main thing Jay would like people to take away from this, do not see this as him giving up on his artists or that he does not have faith in them. Jay Honest is a father of 3, with his youngest being 8 months old (seen above) having been born during the global pandemic, a wife, just having spontaneously moved to a new city 8 hours away and still dealing with the many loses he’s faced such as his brother/best friend of 20 years, he has a lot on his plate. “Making this decision has been months in the making, and one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to chose to do, when I first discovered Sheddy Empire, received Kvyybez music thru Millinnial X then found out he was also a rapper, or first heard Casanova from Nicki Tha Great, these are moments I will never forget & will cherish forever”

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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