Canadian Artist, Papi AQ, Sheds Light on the Guerrero Music Video ‘Mini-Movie’

The Good, The Bad, and the Experience it was to Create a Small Scale Movie-Style Production that Inspired Many

“This song is to inspire the underdogs, it’s for everyone who was told they couldn’t do it, everyone who was laughed at, never given the time of day, or just going through life at the moment”

Rising Artist, Papi AQ of Toronto Canada,

Began working alongside El Roí, the owner of soundscan studios (@soundscanstudios) to create the script for Guerrero this past August 2020, the movie-style music video. was filmed in October and promptly released this past January 2021.

Papi AQ Opened up About how he Began Realizing what he’s been Taking for Granted, and Coming to Terms with it was a Very Powerful Process

During a period of reflection, the Toronto artist felt the urge to use these revelations for good, knowing the experience had a large impact on himself, he recalled when his mom would tell him that he should make music that has a reason, or purpose, that is more uplifting and with a better message, but that the time he didn’t understand why, it’s taken the artist some time to realize what his mother wanted, and now he pushes to make art and projects that motivate and empower the listener.

Papi AQ Admitted the Project was Challenging as he Had a Very Big Vision with an Extremely Dense Storyline,

Along with the fact that this was the artist’s first video that resembled a movie more than a music video, but this meant sacrificing scenes and cutting out a lot that might express significant detail. Everyone involved in the project realized these slight issues meant the video would remain more open to interpretation, which in the end proved to be a big factor in Guerrero.

“This piece can be viewed in many ways, it’s all about what you are going through, or have been going through, some may see is as anti-bullying, or as a boost in motivation, a lot of people reached out to me with different stories, and struggles that felt inspired by Guerrero.”

The Guerrero Mini Movie was Published to YouTube and Quickly Grew Traction for its Ability to be Viewed in Such a Large Variety of Ways

The boxer in Guerrero, Rodolfo Velasquez, (@latinoheat64) is a national champion Canadian boxer from Hamilton Ontario, and was very important in the production of Guerrero, giving Papi AQ an inside look on the mindset, hardwork and discipline it takes to be a boxer.

“Sometimes you have those moments where you have to reflect on you life and what you’ve done to get to where you are.”

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