Arty Warhol, Planning His Return


From A 14 Year Old’s Hobby, To Hitting Over A Million Streams On Spotify

Canadian artist, Arty Warhol claims he ‘always had a plan but never an expectation’ when it came to his music, and making his goal a reality.


26 Year Old Arty Warhol Soon To Be 27 This May 24th,

Has been reaching milestone after milestone. Growing up with a father who played in a band, the young artist was surrounded by music and talent, and providing insights music, and the industry itself.


“Music was very much a part of my upbringing, I think that’s probably where my love for music started.”

Arty Looked Back On His Career

And opened up on the journey to become the creative artist he is today,


“I’ve already accomplished more than I ever thought possible so at this point anything more is just a blessing. I hope people continue to enjoy what I do and appreciate the art.”


Throughout The Past Year

Arty’s fans might’ve been missing the young musician releasing a large collection of music as he has in the past, but the artist promises new music soon, and touched on how life isn’t just creativity, you need to make a living. Arty has been hard at work, having attained a degree from the University Of Ottawa, and holding down a solid job that Arty not only loves, but also guarantees the musician can reach his future goals.


Some Artists Want To Tour The World And Crave To Be At The Top

But Arty Warhol would be perfectly fine being happy and stable, and would personally prefer a property that he refers to as in the middle of nowhere.


“I want to provide for the people I care about and enjoy this crazy life.”




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