A Brief Outlook On The Rise Of Jaime Quintino

Jaime Quintino, Born And Hailing From Alabama

Hasn’t actually stayed in one place his whole life, experiencing New York, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, and making an appearance on national tv in his early teen years, but these trips weren’t all luxury.

Jump-Starting His Music Career In The 5th Grade

And rapidly excelling his journey Jaime has grown his talents and passion for music as he has grown and learned about himself as an individual, realizing somewhere along the way that he couldn’t see himself just not doing music.

Quintino Has Always Been Hard At Work, Doing Anything Music Related He Was Given The Opportunity To Do

But these opportunities felt so out of reach for Jaime. Most adults can look back on their childhood, and recall a time they couldn’t afford to go in a school trip, wether that was the annual ski trip, or simply a field trip, any cost that wasn’t in the budget, and how you would feel to be one of the few left behind. If you never had these simple little things out of your reach growing up, then you’re one of the lucky ones, but for young Jaime Quintino, having to tell his band teacher- who he looked up to as more than a teacher, but as someone he would learn from as a person, every tine he organized a trip that Jaime would be staying behind, but not by choice, by what seemed to be a never ending cycle; not wanting to be let down, and knowing already what the answer would be, Jaime expected to be left out and his mother didn’t seem very on board at the time either, wanting what in her mind she thought was ‘more’ but Quintino went on to prove he had more to offer, but that it would be on his terms.

“There was no plan B, I knew I was going to make this work one way or another, because failure to me wasn’t an option.”

Quintino’s Band Teacher Played A Huge Part In Jaime’s Rise In Music

Crediting him for choosing to allow him to join the band on costly trips, allowing Jaime to experience the world and learn more about music, his passion for it, and strengthen his relationship with his own music and himself as a person.

“We never had enough money, but my teacher would always find it in his heart to help me out”

Source: Jaime Quintino on Instagram

For Jaime Quintino, He Has Made This A Reality

With His 2020 Releases, Right By My Side and Lovin’ Myself, alongside his most recent release, Known You My Whole Life, the past two years have been huge in terms of personal growth, music and experiencing the process that is writing, recording, and releasing music, along with meeting the producers that help make his dream the reality to come to be, the world can expect so much more from Jaime Quintino in the near future.

Source; Jaime Quintino on Instagram

“I don’t want to mess up or say the wrong things, but at the end of the day I am going to do me and if it’s not to their standards of how I’m supposed to do things then I’m sorry to hear that, but but I’m not going to change for anyone and that’s that.”




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Alaska Grey

Alaska Grey

Instagram: @iamalaskagrey email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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