from his electrifying songs & insane wordplay to his intense music videos, this is not an artist to passover.

The Start, The Journey, And The Story Behind Mr. Hollywood.

Deven Powers, better known as Mr. Hollywood

Born on February 27th 1983, In San Bernardino California, Deven was the 10th of 14 children, born to a pastor father and a mother who was a legendary gospel singer, Powers beginnings proved he hailed from talent and drive. Deven began playing the drums when he was 9 years old, and at 13 was given his very first drum-set by a member of the legendary Gap Band, that same year Deven became California’s state drummer in his church congregation. …

Born In Monterrey Mexico, And Now Residing In Toronto Canada, Papi AQ Is Quickly On The Rise To Being A Known Name In The Music Industry

Born In Monterrey, Mexico In 1994

Papi AQ took his first breath in the capital city of Nuevo León, the third largest state economy in all of Mexico, falling closely behind the Federal District and the state of México, (Estado de México).

You May Not Know The Name, But Talent And Versatility Speak For Themselves With This Canadian Artist

Arty Warhol, From The Capital Of Canada, Ottawa

is easily one of the most versatile artists we’ve seen from the music scene in Ottawa thus far. Having taken on multiple styles of music, cadences, styles of autotune & making some of the catchiest hits to date.

Music Artist, Jaime Quintino Proves to Everyone Time, And Time Again That He’s Shattering Expectations, And That There’s Always More Than Meets The Eye.

Jaime Quintino, Born And Hailing From Alabama

Hasn’t actually stayed in one place his whole life, experiencing New York, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, and making an appearance on national tv in his early teen years, but these trips weren’t all luxury.

The Good, The Bad, and the Experience it was to Create a Small Scale Movie-Style Production that Inspired Many

“This song is to inspire the underdogs, it’s for everyone who was told they couldn’t do it, everyone who was laughed at, never given the time of day, or just going through life at the moment”

Rising Artist, Papi AQ of Toronto Canada,

Began working alongside El Roí, the owner of soundscan studios (@soundscanstudios) to create the script for Guerrero this past August 2020, the movie-style music video. was filmed in October and promptly released this past January 2021.

Sheddy Empire, a group of young individuals from Nairobi, Kenya, comprised of 3 main Artists including Eazzyy Dee, Cashney & Starbon.

Eazzy Dee from Sheddy Empire(@Eazzy_Dee On Instagram) (Source:

And More Exclusive Details About the Mid-March Release


Paris, France was Released March 12th 2021,

With the music video for That Woah directed by Nisa Feli @nisafeli following on March 19th 2021, but are only two of the recent projects Nicki Tha Great has put out this month.

“This song was written from the heart, It’s real, it’s my life, you can hear that and feel that when you actively listen.”

When Asked About how this Song Came to Life,

Nicki recalled being in her studio with red lights on while she was acquainting herself better with the beat, and the words “just came to her.”

“So where did it start?”

That was a question I almost felt I couldn’t ask, most people have a defining experience, a big turning point in life where they decide this is them, this is what they want, but I knew Nicki’s story would be different, her story began with creativity, I was never able to pinpoint a beginning, I guess, for some people, there really is none. Nicki gave me a new look on this imaginary clock we all seem to have in our minds, wether we realize it or not, that there needs to be a start, and…

“Just listen to it, from start to finish it’s an absolute bop, catchy, entertaining & has a message, I’m not playing around in 2021.” — Jay Honest on ‘What it Do?’

After Overcoming Everything That Came At Jay Throughout his Life,

Honest doesn’t let anything phase him and wanted to show why he’s still here.

Due to a Province-Wide Lockdown in Ontario,

Jay Honest claimed he struggled with bringing his vision to life, as the large scale video production would require a team effort, that in the end wouldn’t adhere to social distancing, and public health regulations.

Totalling over 18,000 on Spotify, 20,000 on YouTube, and over 80,000 Views on the Lyric Video on the Artist’s IGTV,

Honest had this to say about his recent drop,

Alaska Grey

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email:

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