2M, The New Gen Takeover

with his debut single in honour of NBA all-star James Harden, discover this rising rapper from the nations capital, Ottawa.

Lebanese-Arab Hip-Hop Artist/Rapper 2M Is An 18 Year Old Artist Hailing From Ottawa, Canada

2M is just beginning his journey in his music career, and is taking the music industry by storm.

2M Started Perfecting His Rap Last February Of 2020

but is no stranger to the scene. As a child 2M surrounded himself with music, listening to mainstream pop on the radio when he had the chance, until other kids in the neighbourhood 2M grew up in introduced the young starlet to the world of hip hop, his personal favourites being 50 cent and G Unit.

2M Claims To Have Seen Himself As More Of A ‘Listener’ Than An Artist

and opened up about his early struggles with writing lyrics,

“I started experimenting by writing lyrics and recording audio on my phone until I decided to start my journey as an artist for real, I never once thought that I would be chasing a music career as a rapper.”

The 18 Year Old Musician Recently Released “Harden”

which has a Pop Smoke/New York City drill vibe, and includes soft and melodic vocals making the song timeless and immersive to the listener.

Most Drill Songs Consist Of Deep Voices And Are Often Hardcore,

containing sneak disses towards other artists and people, but with Harden, theres is very few cuss words and is an entirely unique experience.

Harden Is Named After NBA Brooklyn Nets Superstar James Harden

who is known around the world. 2M named the song after James Harden because James is one of 2M’s top favourite basketball players and his drive and talent an an ongoing inspiration to 2M.

“I like to spit bars at a fast pace, my main strengths are flowing and finding melodies in my vocals. I’ve been learning and expanding my knowledge and experience everyday, and the more I work at it the better I will become. “

Be sure to catch the visuals for Harden as well as his latest music video for Talkin by 2M shot by Night2NightStudios now on Youtube!

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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