with his debut single in honour of NBA all-star James Harden, discover this rising rapper from the nations capital, Ottawa.

Lebanese-Arab Hip-Hop Artist/Rapper 2M Is An 18 Year Old Artist Hailing From Ottawa, Canada

2M is just beginning his journey in his music career, and is taking the music industry by storm.

Upcoming Egyptian Rapper Opens Up On His Release ‘Pop My S***’

With a desire to show the world who he is, SwazyTheBag took all his time, to get releases ready, and set stage for what we assume to be a lengthy career.

You May Not Know The Name, But Talent And Versatility Speak For Themselves With This Canadian Artist

Arty Warhol, From The Capital Of Canada, Ottawa

is easily one of the most versatile artists we’ve seen from the music scene in Ottawa thus far. …

Music Artist, Jaime Quintino Proves to Everyone Time, And Time Again That He’s Shattering Expectations, And That There’s Always More Than Meets The Eye.

Jaime Quintino, Born And Hailing From Alabama

Hasn’t actually stayed in one place his whole life, experiencing New York, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, and making an appearance on national tv in his early teen years, but these trips weren’t all luxury.

And More Exclusive Details About the Mid-March Release

Source: Instagram.com/nickithagreat

Paris, France was Released March 12th 2021,

With the music video for That Woah directed by Nisa Feli @nisafeli following on March 19th 2021, but are only two of the recent projects Nicki Tha Great has put out this month.

“This song was written from the heart, It’s real, it’s my life, you can hear that and…

“Just listen to it, from start to finish it’s an absolute bop, catchy, entertaining & has a message, I’m not playing around in 2021.” — Jay Honest on ‘What it Do?’

After Overcoming Everything That Came At Jay Throughout his Life,

Honest doesn’t let anything phase him and wanted to show why he’s still here.

Due to a Province-Wide Lockdown in Ontario,

Jay Honest claimed he struggled with bringing his vision to life, as the large scale video production would require…

Alaska Grey

Instagram: @alaskaggreyy email: alaskagreymonroe@gmail.com

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